New Olympic Event? The Pieathalon!


Music – “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie” from 24 Polka’s Greatest Hits by Myron Floren. Released: 1995.

A possible new Olympic event is about to take place:  the Pieathalon!  It follows in a long line of “athlons“:  the pentathlon (pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, horseback riding and running), the triathlon (running, cycling and swimming), the biathlon (cross country skiing and shooting), and the decathlon (ten events including sprinting, hurdling, jumping and throwing), not to mention the duathlon (running and cycling), the heptathlon (seven events), and the tetrathlon (showjumping, swimming, running and pistol shooting).

However, in the Piathalon, “pieathletes” engage in the strenuous art of pie-making.

“Next year I’m switching from the biathlon to the pieathalon!” (Photo Credit:

According to food blogger Emily Brungo, this is the 5th Annual Pieathalon.  Essentially, the Pieathalon involves “…a bunch of food bloggers”, who are tasked with providing a pie recipe from a pre-1990 cookbook. Each participant submits a pie recipe, and the recipes are then re-assigned to another participant.

“Nobody said there was an age minimum to be a Pieathlete!” (Photo Credit:

The “Pieathlete” follows the recipe for the assigned pie, taking photographs and notes, and then, on an assigned date, posts the results for all to see.

No, not this kind of “PI” (Photo Credit:



The “Pieathalon” is NOT about baking the largest pie! (Photo Credit:

I was graciously extended an invitation from Emily, to participate in this event (but I can’t tell you what pie recipe I was assigned yet or I might not be invited to the 6th Annual Pieathlon!    

My pie shall remain a secret until the pie-reveal day. (Photo Credit:

Suffice it to say, I have studied my assigned recipe in-depth, even pulling out my high altitude cookbooks to consult so as not to mess it up (my house is at approximately 5,600 feet).  I am not really a baker, so I worry about my pie-making skill subset.  However, it sounds like good fun and a lot of recipes to share with other food bloggers.  When the pie crumbs have settled, I will post about the outcome.  In the interim, I must start flexing my pieathletic muscles!  Let the games begin!

“Wow. I sure hope I get invited back to next year’s Pieathalon!” (Photo Credit:

A Pieathlete in action. (Photo Credit:

This kind of behaviour by Pieathletes is frowned upon. (Photo Credit:

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