Celebrate July 4th with Broiled Sweetbreads, Tongue in Raisin Sauce & Liver Birds…Yum!


Music – “I Won’t Eat That” from I Won’t Eat That by Willy Welch. Released: 2002.

Well, the 4th of July is nigh (that rhymes!) and American families across the country will be celebrating.  What better than a 4th of July dinner?  Here are a few suggestions for a humdinger of a July 4th dinner from a cookbook in my collection, “Cooking for American Homemakers“, published in 1950. These recipes are recommended specifically for “4th of July Dinner”, however please feel free to make adjustments or substitutions (or omissions!)

Broiled Sweetbreads with Bacon.  This is always at the top of the list for kids!  You’ll want to make extra so that everyone gets a bellyful!

Broiled sweetbreads. Yum….so tasty too! (Photo Credit: http://www.en.wikipedia.org)


Stewed Potatoes should be part of every 4th of July dinner, don’t you agree?  After all, don’t they look appetizing;  mushy, tepid, and swimming in a watery liquid?  Beats potato salad every time!

Stewed potatoes. (Photo Credit: http://www.justapinch.com)








The classic Tongue with Raisin Sauce might just supplant hot dogs, if it looks this good!  Make sure to artfully place the raisins to get those taste buds watering…

The ever popular 4th of July dinner staple:
Tongue with Raisin sauce (Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com)


And, 4th of July just wouldn’t be 4th of July without a heap of Jellied Consomme.  It’s even better than Jell-O!

Jellied consomme. Always a winner! (Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com)


No 4th of July dinner would be complete without Frozen Tomato Appetizers.  Just make sure your guests have their dentist’s phone number handy.

Frozen tomato appetizer.  Cool, refreshing and tooth shattering. (Photo Credit: http://www.imgur.com)







Molded Cucumber Salad has been a winner since the 1950’s (hasn’t it?)  I’m still trying to figure out who decided that Jell-O and vegetables are a marriage made in heaven.

The ever-present molded cucumber salad. Whoever decided that Jell-O and vegetables went together? (Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com)


There are plenty of other recipes to try at your 4th of July outing:  Iced Orange Bouillon, Liver Birds (I think they’re on the endangered list), Kidney Veal Chops (?) or, perhaps, boring old Corn on the Cob (so pedestrian!).  Whatever meal you enjoy, have a happy and safe July 4th!

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