Calamari, Crostini, Cannelloni and the Curious Cat


Music – “What’s New Pussycat? (Main Title)” from What’s New Pussycat? by Tom Jones. Released: 2008

As followers of my blog might recall, I have two cats, “Tux” and “Shadow”, who occasionally feature in my posts. More specifically, in “Fish Risotto “Napoli” with a Crown of Prawns – For the Pampered Cat!, which I posted on May 28th, 2014. In the post, a slide show of the two of them reveals their keen interest in my passion of cookbook collecting and they can be seen browsing an edition of “Joy of Cooking”, and “Cooking for Cats”.

Of all of the nearly 5,000 cookbooks in my current collection, approximately 80% have come from thrift stores, used bookstores and remainder bookstores. Naturally, they have come from a myriad of households, and are rich and full of delectable scents….for a cat, of course. Every stack of cookbooks I bring home is meticulously examined for odours and clues as to it’s previous owner (or the previous owner’s pets!), by those keen, twitching and incredibly sensitive cat noses. After being fully checked and approved by Tux and Shadow, the books are permitted to be catalogued and shelved in their appropriate location.

Now, one particular cookbook, which I brought home in my travels some months ago, is “Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?” by Lisa Caponigri, which features a year of Italian family recipes.

“Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?” by Lisa Caponigri, the object of Shadow’s desire

For reasons I cannot explain, this particular cookbook has repeatedly fascinated and enthralled Shadow, who managed to ferret it out, when it was on the lower shelf of a tall bookcase. He would roll around on the floor beside it, lick the spine of the dust jacket and rub up against it repeatedly. I finally had to move it to a higher shelf in order to salvage the dust jacket as it was getting somewhat shopworn.

Rear cover of the dust jacket. The white patch is the result of Shadow's frantic licking (hmmmm.....)

Rear cover of the dust jacket. The white patch is the result of Shadow’s frantic licking (hmmmm…..)

Even after it was shelved on the nearly top shelf I caught him on his hind legs, nose twitching in order to get a whiff of the book. Such fascination! Tux, although checking it once or twice soon lost interest, but Shadow continued his fixation with the object of his desire.

I had occasion to use the book this past week and no sooner had I removed it from its’ shelf and placed it on my desk, Shadow was there, licking and snuggling with it. I’m not sure exactly what the attraction is, but enjoy the slide show, below!

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My EatYourBooks cookbook collection

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Cookbook lover and collector with a burgeoning collection of cookbooks. Reading and researching food trends, history of cooking techniques and technological advances in cooking, what we eat and why and cookbooks as reflectors of cultures is a fascination for me. As of November 7th, 2013, I hold the current Guinness World Record title for the largest collection of cookbooks: 2,970 at the official count on July 14th, 2013 (applaud now, thank you very much!) The current (unofficial) number is now 6,500. What next? More shelves?
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