Beloved, Beguiling, Beautiful Bacon!


Music – “The Bacon Song” from The Bacon Song – Single by Meekakitty, Jason Munday & Alex Carpenter. Released: 2011

As Saturday, September 5th, 2015, the Saturday before Labour Day is the unofficial “National Bacon Day”, I am republishing this post from 9/14/2014. Pig out!

Bacon...what it's all about

Bacon…what it’s all about

What is it about bacon that tantalizes and titillates our taste buds? Many carnivores like the flavour of bacon. Bacon has gone to the dogs too: “Beggin’ Strips”, “Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats in Smoky Bacon Flavor” and “Nylabone Bacon Flavored Dog Bones” are just a few examples. So far, I haven’t come across any cat treats based on bacon flavour – maybe they have more discerning taste buds than the rest of us!

Bacon treats for dogs

Bacon treats for dogs




According to several statistical sources, the “average” American eats approximately 18 pounds of bacon per year. That’s a whopping 5,608,654,506 pounds of bacon consumed by Americans every year! Most Americans consume their bacon as a breakfast entrée, or in hamburgers or sandwiches and interestingly, the largest number of bacon consumers is in the over 34-age range. Bacon sales a few years ago (2006), for the top 10 refrigerated bacon brands in the US topped 1,313.8 million dollars!

Bacon is ubiquitous in just about everything these days, from food products to cosmetics and air fresheners to ice cream. In my current cookbook collection of 4,521 cookbooks, I share 3,117 of them with “Eat Your Books” (, a wonderful site, which allows you to “put” the books you share with their database onto your “bookshelf”. If you share a book with them, all you have to do is search for recipes, by ingredient, ethnicity, type of dish and many other attributes. Then, simply find the book on your “real” bookshelf and there you go!  Of the 3,117 cookbooks that “Eat Your Books” and I have in common, a simple search using the keyword “bacon” turns up in 8,726 recipes! That doesn’t include recipes, which specify “pork” in them, possibly bacon, either.  That’s a lot of bacon!

PaleoKrunch Maple Bacon Cereal from Steve's Paleogoods

PaleoKrunch Maple Bacon Cereal from Steve’s Paleogoods

If you are truly a bacon addict, you can fulfill your pork dreams from dawn to dusk. Start the day with a cup of “Maple Bacon Morning Coffee” from Boca Java and perhaps a “Bacon Cupcake” from Tee & Cakes in Boulder, Colorado. Or if you’re a cereal freak, you might have a bowl of “PaleoKrunch Cereal Maple Bacon Flavor” from Steve’s Paleogoods. From the South? Then how about a big mess o’ “Quaker Country Bacon Instant Grits” from the Quaker Co.?

Bacon Flavored Grits from Quaker

Bacon Flavored Grits from Quaker

If you’re a fan of pancakes and waffles (with bacon bits in them, naturally), you can drown them in “Bacon Flavored Syrup” from Torani of Italy.

“Bacon Syrup” (Photo Credit


After breakfast, time to get ready for work. Men, you can forget the old-fashioned shaving creams of yesteryear – kick start your face with J & D’s “Bacon Shaving Cream” and follow-up with “Bacon Sunscreen”, also by J & D’s. Ladies, you too can wallow in pork fat from the get go too – try “Bacon Body Wash” and “Bacon Lip Balm”.

“Bacon Balm” from Archie McPhee Co. (Photo Credit:

Both men and women might enjoy “Bacon Toothpaste” or flossing with “Breakfast Floss – Bacon, Waffle and Coffee Flavors“, all courtesy of Archie McPhee.

“Bacon Flavored Toothpaste” by Archie McPhee (Photo Credit:




Hungry for a mid-morning snack? Scarf down a handful of “Big’s Sizzlin’ Bacon Sunflower Seeds” or some “Bacon Peanut Brittle” from The Redhead. If your kids inherited your predilection for the bacon bounty, treat them to “Bacon Gumballs” from candy retailer Archie McPhee, or a “Bacon Chocolate Bar” from Vosges Chocolate. For the older children, they might prefer “Man Bait – Bacon & Maple Syrup Lollipops” by Das Lolli, washed down with “Lester’s Fixin’s Bacon Soda”. And at Christmas, don’t forget to check Archie McPhee’s company to order a mess of “Bacon Flavored Candy Canes”, in several sizes.

Is this for real ?

Is this for real ?

“Bacon Candy Canes” from Archie McPhee (Photo credit:

“Bacon Cotton Candy” (Photo Credit:


“Bacon Balm”, “Bacon Sunscreen” and “Bacon Shaving Cream” (Photo Credit:







Going out to lunch with the group at work? Try a salad and bring your own “Bacon Croutons” from J & D’s. If possible, ask your server if they have “Bacon Flavored Olive Oil” or “Bacon Flavored Mustard”.
Alternately, you can enhance whatever non-bacon item you’re eating by drizzling a few drops of “Bacon Flavor Concentrate” by Capella Flavors, Inc. on your lunch. For the vegetarians in the crowd, there is “Smoky Bacon Flavored Tempeh” from Turtle Island Foods and “Ritz Bacon Flavored Crackers”, which are Kosher and made with simulated bacon flavor.

“Tempeh Smoky Maple Bacon” (Photo Credit:



So, work is over and you head over to the gym before going home, to work off a few pounds of pork fat. Well, help is on the way! Try J & D’s “Bacon Trim” beverage, “…for a sizzling hot body”.

“Bacon Trim” and “Gravy Trim” from J & D’s (Photo credit:

Nothing like a bacon tasting weight-loss shake to give you that extra incentive you need to stay on the treadmill for a few more minutes!

Comes the weekend and all rules are tossed. Treat yourself and your buddies at the bar with a “Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter” by the Funky Buddha Brewery of Florida (it’s vegetarian friendly!), or perhaps a cocktail made with “Bakon Vodka” from Black Rock Spirits (yes, that’s how they spell it). For the teetotalers in the group, offer them “Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets” (just add water). Going over to Red Robin for a hamburger afterwards? They make the “Red Robin Beam-N-Bacon Boozy Shake”, made with real Jim Beam Maple Bourbon. Be sure to ask them if they carry any “Baconnaise” from J & D’s, for your hamburger and, while waiting for your burger, see if they have any bacon flavoured potato chips, bacon flavored jelly beans or “Gummy Bacon” to snack on. After dinner, pick your teeth with “Bacon Flavored Toothpicks” from Archie McPhee (“perfect after any pig-out”), or perhaps a few of Archie’s “Bacon Mints” to freshen your breath.

“Bacon Mints” (Photo Credit:


“Baconnaise” from J & D’s (Photo credit

For those ladies looking forward to a blind date, you might try showering with Archie McPhee’s “Bacon Soap” with a fried bacon aroma, so alluring and irresistible.

Lather up with

Lather up with “Bacon Soap” from Archie McPhee

Some people just love desserts and you can’t go wrong with “Bacon Ice Cream” by Udder Delight, in Rehoboth, Delaware. “Ben and Jerry” also make a bacon ice cream. You can even buy “Bacon Cotton Candy”, recipe courtesy of Chef Linton Hopkins of Atlanta, Georgia. Archie McPhee Company also makes “Bacon Frosting” for your kids Birthday cake, and “Bacon Candy” for party treats. Got a late night craving? Some Burger Kings feature “Burger King Bacon Sundae”.

“Bacon and Vanilla Ice Cream” by Ben & Jerry’s

Doing the weekly grocery shopping? Don’t forget “Bacon Flavored SPAM” by Hormel and “Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce” from Bacon Hot Sauce Co. Need to write some letters (remember, those paper things that came before e-mail?) Pick up a pack of “Bacon Flavored Envelopes” from J & D’s. While you’re there, grab a couple of “Bacon Air Fresheners” for the bathroom, from Archie McPhee Company.

So, there you have it. Many carnivores like bacon. Many don’t. Apparently, many vegetarians also like bacon, as manufacturers produce “bacon flavored” vegetarian products, without sacrificing any little pigs. Maybe it’s just the aroma that is appealing. My question, though, is this: are vegetarians who eat “bacon flavored tempeh” and similar products really closet carnivores, just waiting to “come out”, so to speak? I wonder.

As the ultimate “bacon” item, mosaic artist Jason Mecher, in 2012, put together a portrait of actor Kevin Bacon, made up of 15 pounds of bacon.  It was apparently sold on eBay for $4,000 (buyer unknown).  No information on whether the buyer kept the portrait in the deep freeze to preserve it, or got a midnight craving and stripped it all off to make a BLT sandwich.  That’s the lure of bacon.

Portrait of actor Kevin Bacon, in bacon, by artist Jason Mecher, 2012 (Photo Credit:

You can even buy Bacon Scented Candles (Photo Credit:

You can even buy Bacon Scented Candles (Photo Credit:

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