Dinner Menu for January 3rd – If You Have Time!


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May Little wrote “A Year’s Dinners”, in 1910, which features menus (breakfast, lunch and dinner), for every day of the year.

"A Year's Dinners", published around 1910 in London

“A Year’s Dinners”, published around 1910 in London

For today, January 3rd, if you were in the kitchen in 1910, this could be the dinner you serve your family:

Gravy Soup
(stock (which you have to make first – no canned or cartons, remember!), carrots, onions, turnips, bouquet garni, macaroni, salt and pepper)
Scalloped Fish

(any cold fish, breadcrumbs, butter, milk, flour, salt and pepper)
Fried Sweetbreads
(2 calves’ or sheep’s’ sweetbreads, shallots, mace, milk, butter, flour, cream, salt and pepper)
Piquante Sauce
(1/2 pint Espagnole Sauce (which is made with butter, flour, shallots, carrots, tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, brown stock, salt and pepper, so better do that first!), capers, shallots, gherkins, vinegar, chopped parsley, salt and pepper)
Mince and Macaroni
(for the mince: cold meat, butter or lard, flour, shallots, stock, parsley, salt and pepper), boiled macaroni)
(served however the family likes them: boiled, mashed, baked, etc.)
(cauliflower, salt, baking soda and white sauce (better get started on that one)
Stewed Figs and Cream
(you figure it out!)
Cheese Pudding
(Parmesan cheese, eggs, water, Vienna flour, butter, salt and cayenne pepper)

If you haven’t already started the preparations by now, it’s too late! And don’t forget that you still have to clean out the ashes from your 500-pound cast iron, wood-fired stove, from yesterday’s dinner!

Fast-forward a few years to 1915, when the first edition of “A Calendar of Dinners with 615 Recipes”, by Marion Harris Neil, was published by Crisco. Other editions continued through 1922. Included are dinner recipes for every day of the year, with recipes.


As today is January 3rd, if you were in the kitchen around 1915 to 1922, this could be the dinner you would serve your family, if you had the time!

Lobster Bisque with Toasted Crackers
Olives, Celery and Pickles
Roast Pigeons
Sweet Potatoes
Fried Hominy
Lettuce Salad
Cheese Balls
Lemon Meringue Pie

You would have already made a trip to your grocer or fishmonger to purchase two live lobsters and dressed your pigeons for roasting. The rest of the day is spent peeling, dicing, shredding, slicing, mixing, beating, cooking and just having fun in the kitchen!

So, really, folks, what are you serving your family for dinner tonight, January 3rd, 2014? Better get cracking!

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