Post Guinness World Record Blues

chef looking for recipe

Music – “Recipe” from Perfect Recipe For A Smile by Destroy Nate Allen. Released: 2009.

Now that the dust has settled, and having, on November 7th, 2013, earned the current Guinness World Record title for the largest number of cookbooks (official count: 2,970), what’s next?

If you go to and enter ‘cookbooks’ in the search box at the upper right side of the page, you will find my stellar accomplishment in all of it’s glory. Check the photograph on the page and you’ll see that I’m right up there with the bug-eyed man, the individual wrapped with the largest number of bungee cords, the dog with the most tennis balls in his mouth, the lady, who can touch her ears to the back of her knees (while popping balloons) and more wonderful feats!

But wait, there’s more! (with apologies to late-night infomercials); there’s the “Longest Weight Lifted by Tongue”, “Longest Distance Walking over Hot Plates”, “Most Needles Inserted into the Head” and not to be outdone, “Largest Collection of Sick Bags”, achieved by Niek Vermeulen from the Netherlands, who, in 2010, had 6,016 airline sickness bags from 1,142 different airlines in more than 160 countries. Nick apparently walks around with a yellow baseball cap, which reads “Barf Bags Wanted” (doesn’t say whether they should be used or unused).

There does not appear to be a record under “recipes”. Maybe I’ll suggest that as a new category. According to the database I use to keep track of my cookbooks, there are currently in the neighbourhood of 841,486 pages among all of the books. Cookbooks vary so much, that it is difficult to determine how many recipes are on the page of an ‘average’ cookbook. Suffice it to say, even if there is only 1 recipe per page, I already have 841,486 recipes. If there are 2 there would be 1,682,972 and a mind-boggling 2,524,458 recipes if pages average 3 recipes per page! Even with the bare minimum of 841,486 recipes, if I start cooking 3 meals daily (I don’t), for 365 days per year, I will have enough recipes for my husband and I for the next 768.5 years. Now, bear in mind that there will be duplicates…50 recipes for beef stroganoff, 500 recipes for meatloaf, 60 recipes for Margaritas (whoops, that’s not really considered a food group, is it?), but you get the drift. Of course, that would increase exponentially, if there might be an average of 2 recipes per page, etc.

Onward and upward!


About vintagecookbookery

Cookbook lover and collector with a burgeoning collection of cookbooks. Reading and researching food trends, history of cooking techniques and technological advances in cooking, what we eat and why and cookbooks as reflectors of cultures is a fascination for me. As of November 7th, 2013, I hold the current Guinness World Record title for the largest collection of cookbooks: 2,970 at the official count on July 14th, 2013 (applaud now, thank you very much!) The current (unofficial) number is now 6,381. What next? More shelves?
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